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If you have a specific question about us or Chaotic-Tock, check out below and mail us directly.


Damogran slikca Nejc

Nejc Jurkovič

He is the one who held first two motors and got that crazy chaotic idea. He is the conceptual leader, maker of the first and the last version of Chaotic-Tock, mechanical engineering guru and indispensable part of our Damogran Labs company. Contact him for specific questions about mechanical parts of this project (gears, design, motors, …)

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Damogran slikca Domen

Domen Jurkovič

Electronic hardware and software developer. He had no idea about the purpose of this Chaotic-Tock, but he did it anyway. He said it was a fun job.
Contact him for any questions about electronic part of this project (PCB, error checking LEDs, voltage levels, …)

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 Damogran slikca Mateja

Mateja Jurkovič

Do you like her idea about Chaotic-Tock logo? She is the one who did it.
Contact her to express how awesome she is.  Or contact her if you need a new logo for your company, wallpaper or postcard.

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Lucija Jurkovič

She is the one who will assemble Chaotic-Tocks ordered by you. But she doesn’t really know that yet.

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