Once Upon A Time There Was… A Double Fail!

This picture will tell you everything.   It was so confusing, that even CNC laser cutter went cuckoo. Anyway, we abandoned such ideas and instead, made some…

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And Yet It Moves: a Guide To Telling the Time

Here’s a very clear and concise description and presentation of movement of Chaotic-Tock. It calibrates thirty seconds after 12:00 and then moves every minute.

Here’s how it goes: Each dot after the minute number is a minute after the previous dot and the first dot means one minute after the number that represents that minute.

If the above sentence doesn’t make sense to you, here is a much simpler video example. There is absolutely no music or sound in the video. We thought it would lower your concentration while tracking the pointers. Which don’t move anyway.

Happy watching-reading-tracking-telling!

What We Do During Weekends: Screwing Around

Beauty is hidden in the details, but not many people can find it. (Read full post on www.damogranlabs.com)

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Indiegogo Campaign Is Here!

Check out our Indiegogo campaign, comment and share! Or contribute and get your own Chaotic-Tock! Thank you!

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